The Struggle is Starting the New Year “Right”

Happy New Year!

*looks left*


*looks right*

Now what?

I have a whole new year to guide myself through. I have a whole new year to make mistakes. That is a bit overwhelming. However, I decided that I am going to make do “better” this year. So it's time to plan and strategize.

I also decided that I can’t plan everything. And so I decided to will pick the top two things that will cause me stress.

Time and Money

(and never having enough of either)

Planning is Key or so they say!

This year I will be using my Filofax/Bullet Journal system. Click here for a great explanation of the bullet journal system. (I will be writing an article about how I have mine set up if you all are interested). I have been using this system on and off for 2 years and it works when I stick to it.

This is my pretty purple Filofax planner.


I'm going to create a tentative weekly schedule (laminated), a week on one page, and some lists to track habits.

What would you like in your journal/planner for the new year?


I'm 22 and I’m still trying to learn how to save money.

One thing that I am trying to do this week is come up with a realistic budget. First, I need to figure out where my money is being spent. After I do that magic perform that miracle, I can set up a budget that fits my needs.

Also I'm going to try to save every 5 dollar bill my hands touch this month and see if that works. They call it the 5 Dollar Savings Plan. I’ll get back to you all on how I’m doing with that.

If you all have any savings plans or savings ideas you would to like share, please comment below.

So this is a struggle for me, please be gentle in the comments. However, I would love your critique opinions about my first official blog post.


Resident Struggler

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